Speaking like the experts – that is our goal

In order to achieve this, we thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the specific topic of your event: both linguistically and contextually. Since it is only possible to meaningfully interpret material that we have understood.

Our areas of expertise

During several hundred assignments, we have developed a wide range of specialist areas over the past few years. You will find a detailed list on the respective team pages of the d-interp members: Vivi Bentin (Berlin), Sara Campos Arnoldi (Berlin) und Sabine Kreuzpaintner (Stuttgart).

At home in
but at your disposal
wherever you may be.

Berlin, centre of politics +
Stuttgart, technology stronghold

Berlin is Germany’s political centre of power, which is why many of the conferences that we interpret have a political character as well. Whether that be the Federal Government, parliament or regional authorities, political foundations or trade unions, non-governmental organisations or international organisations – we regularly support them all in Berlin. Yet, politics is not just politics and each assignment requires its own specific familiarisation: ultimately, an expert conference on the energy revolution is quite different from a round table on the topic of corporate responsibility with regard to human rights.

Stuttgart, on the other hand, is home to leading car manufacturers and their suppliers. Baden-Wuerttemberg is not only the heartland of German SMEs, it is also home to a number of innovation leaders and technology companies from a variety of industries. Therefore, conferences in the region revolve around the most recent developments in automotive engineering, current mobility concepts, industry 4.0 or smart factories, for instance.

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