Interpreting means performing on the spot

Just like in sport, whether it’s the 100-metre sprint or taking a penalty, it’s all about performing on the spot. That’s what the interpreters of the d-interp network stand for.

Our standard of quality: professional conference interpreting means facilitating communication


Are you planning an international event and do you want everything to run smoothly? Do you want your guests to be able to communicate with each other effortlessly and without language barriers? And for them to perhaps even be positively surprised by how well everything ran?

This is exactly how we imagine successful communication. Our aim is for those attending the events to be able to forget what language they are speaking or listening to. We view ourselves as your partners, and when you organise an event we want you to be able to relax in the knowledge that the interpreting is in reliable and professional hands.

Our services: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and consulting

We will interpret for you between our working languages, either simultaneously (from an interpreting booth, for example at a multilingual conference) or consecutively (for conversations, presentations or negotiations). We are also happy to offer you advice on other languages, larger teams and interpreting equipment, and will put together a tailored package for you. At the same time, we are not an agency and only work with conference interpreters we are familiar with.

Our experienceknowing how it works

We can provide all of this because in addition to our degrees in interpreting we also have more than 15 years of experience in the field of conference interpreting. We look at our clients’ needs and know the best way to prepare for assignments, in terms of both content and specialist vocabulary. We are members of the professional associations VKD and AIIC, and work in accordance with their Code of Professional Ethics.

Our team: based in Berlin and Stuttgart but available to work anywhere

We are based in Berlin and Stuttgart but are happy to accept assignments elsewhere or organise a local team for you.

d-interp is not a company – it is a network of self-employed interpreters. We have formed a team because more “womanpower” allows us to provide a better service to our clients, while we also benefit from mutual support and exchange.

Our blog: what we get up to when we are not interpreting

We don’t interpret every single day. In between assignments there are days we spend on preparation, following up, administration, training or recuperating – just like athletes. We are also actively involved in our professional associations, where we are working to promote our profession at large. We write about these things and other interesting developments in our professional lives in our blog.