Sara Campos Arnoldi

A journey into
an unknown world

„For me, every interpreting assignment is a journey into a more or less strange new world that I only embark on if I have made the appropriate preparations for travel. What will it be this time? What kind of people will I be interpreting for? What are they hoping to achieve by holding this event, and how can I contribute? I am particularly fascinated by the field of medicine. It is something that's tangible. And I always welcome the challenge of not only having the right terminology as an interpreter but also a sound level of basic medical knowledge. But all of the political and legal topics that are in demand in Berlin also keep pulling me back in.“

Sara Campos Arnoldi

Conference Interpreter
Member of VKD im BDÜ e.V.

Birkenstr. 34
10551 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 – 67 96 78 59
Mobile: +49 (0)1577 – 17 04 010


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Diploma in conference interpreting for German (A), English (B) and Spanish (B), i.e. I interpret from German into English and vice versa and from German into Spanish and vice versa.


This is only a small selection of my assignments in the last years and gives you an impression of the diversity of topics that I have been dealing with.

Medicine & Law

  • World congress: orthopaedics
  • Annual meetings of International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI)
  • Annual meetings and congress of the German Society for Laser Dentistry (DGL)
  • Annual meetings of the German Society for Endodontics and Traumatology (DGET)
  • Annual congress of the German Society for Dental Implantology (DGZI)
  • Interdisciplinary congress "The Body Mouth Connection & aMMP8"
  • Advisory meetings of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)
  • Annual international copyright conference of the Initiative Urheberrecht (authors' rights initative)
  • "International Criminal Law: The first trial for the genocide of Yazidis in German Courts"

Politics & Human Rights

  • The international responsibility in refugee situations
  • One year of policy guidelines for Africa of the German Government
  • Potsdam spring talks: Opportunities for the future of Africa's youth
  • Berlin summer dialog: Marginalisation as cause of violence
  • 10th Anniversary of the UN VGTTs, event of Welthungerhilfe
  • Presentation of the World Hunger Index (WHI)
  • Dresden Forum for International Politics 2022: The Pandemic as a Multidimensional Crisis
  • Brandenburg Online Dialogue "Learning with Africa": Competition for Land: Strategies for conflict-sensitive climate action
  • Survivors as changemakers for justice, event by UN Women & HÁ

Agriculture & Urban Development

  • City forum -- To whom belongs the public space?
  • Annual meeting and congress of the European Network of Agricultural Social Protection Systems (ENASP)
  • Growing Smart Energy Cities
  • "Making Cities Resilient" of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Education & Society

  • Luxury Communism
  • Global Summit on bioethical questions
  • Partner consultation Germany -- Latin America: Churches help churches
  • European history forum
  • "We are here, we are loud! United against the backlash" by Women7 and the German Women's Council
  • Events in the newly opened Humboldt Forum

Economy & Finances

  • Facebook meeting with Mark Zuckerberg
  • Business reception of SPD
  • European Works Council meetings of several international companies
  • World Publishing Expo (World Association of Newspapers and Newspublishers)
  • XXXIst International Symposium of the ISSA Construction Section (occupational safety and health)
  • Monthly management meetings of an international logistics company

Energy & Mobility

  • Media trips in Berlin and Lusatia on lignite and energy transition
  • Investors' Day of the Photovoltaic-Institute Berlin
  • Visit of the Director General of the DG Mobility and Traffic of the European Commission
  • Mini-Grids
  • ADAC/BASt Symposium
  • Event on the technology-supported training of professional truck drivers
  • "Making Cities Resilient" of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Work experience

Since 2002
Freelance conference interpreter

Sept. 2007-April 2008
Staff interpreter for English and Spanish of Governing Mayor of Berlin (parental leave)

Education and training

School of Translation and Interpreting, Heidelberg University
Major: Conference Interpreting for English and Spanish (German: mother tongue), Minor: Law

Stay abroad in Costa Rica, USA and Canada

Study abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador

Interpreting-specific advanced training

  • English Pronunciation Enhancement
  • Medicine for translators: Musculoskeletal system / inflammatory medicine
  • Rights of use for interpreters


Mentor as part of the mentoring programme within the German Conference Interpreters' Association VKD

Officer responsible for professional training of the German Conference Interpreters' Association VKD

Mentor as part of the mentoring programme within the German Conference Interpreters' Association VKD