The Fab Four

We are a network of self-employed conference interpreters based in Berlin and Stuttgart, but we are at your disposal wherever you may be. Our personal pages provide you with more information on our profiles and specialisations.

We work in a team

The general rule of interpreting is as follows: this work is so demanding and concentration-intensive, that interpreters normally alternate after approx. 30 minutes. That is why standard conference situations usually involve a team of two interpreters. If the event lasts longer than usual, or if the topic or overall situation present particular challenges, it is a good idea to schedule a team of three for quality assurance purposes.

Association membership as a sign of quality

We are members of the German Association of Conference Interpreters – VKD in the BDÜ e. V. (all of us), and the International Association of Conference Interpreters AIIC (Vivi Bentin, Sabine Kreuzpaintner and Martina Theimer) and work according to their Professional Code of Conduct as well as the Code of Professional Ethics, also when it comes to the subject of confidentiality, for example. These associations have strict admission criteria and require proof of a certain number of working days and signatures of support from the circle of experienced colleagues.

„The sef: has worked with Ms Sara Campos Arnoldi for more than ten years. We are always happy to rely on the team at d-interp for our international conferences. The interpreting services are excellent at all times and the cooperation is highly professional. The sef: would like to convey their warm thanks for this.“ Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden