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Interpreting your virtual event

Social distancing regimes make live conferences difficult, if not impossible. Let us help you with your multilingual videoconference, online or hybrid event!

Remote interpreting of your online event or videoconference

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and social distancing rules in many countries, remote interpreting, officially called “Remote Simultaneous Interpreting”, has come to the fore. With platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Teams or others, virtual meetings, livestreams or videoconferences can be interpreted into different languages even when the participants are unable to meet face-to-face.

Interpreting online conferences

The technical equipment for integrating interpretation into a fully online-based event, i.e. without any physical conference venue, depends on the format of the event and the technology used. Large-scale online conferences mimicking physical meetings as offered by platforms like Hopin are usually produced in dedicated studios set up for this purpose. It is also possible to use the services of so-called “interpreting hubs” that can host, coordinate and manage the event, provide professional interpreting booths and connect them to the online meeting – while the participants sit comfortably at home, follow the event on their computer screens and choose the language they would like to listen to at leisure.

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At d-interp, we have already gathered extensive knowledge with different online settings. We have tested various platform providers like Kudo, Voiceboxer, interactio or Calatrava and are happy to advise you on the best set-up and technology for your event. Don’t let covid-19 get in the way of your business and your communication needs!

Interpreting hybrid events: combining live and online event

Hybrid formats combine elements of a live event, i.e. a limited number of people meeting in a physical place like a live studio, hotel etc., and an online event, i.e. participants joining the event online. Additional technology is required to establish video and audio connections and transmit the live event to the online platform and vice versa. Excellent project management, coordination and control is needed to ensure that everyone is always able to participate in all parts of the event. The interpreters can either work from a booth set up at the live venue or from an external hub.

Interpreting smaller-scale virtual meetings

It is also possible to have interpreters translating your videoconference, telephone conference or smaller-scale online meetings directly by using your in-house communication platform. Platforms like Zoom even provide an interpreting feature that allows for the smooth integration of interpretation.

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