Our Experience –
Your Benefit

We have been working as professional conference interpreters for more than 20 years – which adds up to 80 years of experience in total and about 4,000 conference days during which we either interpreted ourselves or provided the interpreting team.

2 +2 equals more than 4

As members of two major interpreters’ associations – the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD im BDÜ e. V.) – we are embedded in a network of about 4,000 professional colleagues and can draw on their expertise worldwide. We fulfill the associations’ strict admission criteria and comply with their code of ethics and professional standards.

Speaking like the experts – that is our goal

Over the years, we have continuously consolidated our knowledge of various topics. However, in order to really speak like an expert, we thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the specific topic of your event: both linguistically and contextually, since it is only possible to meaningfully interpret material that we have understood. At our two locations, Berlin and Stuttgart, we are confronted with very different topics – more politics here, more technology there.

Politics Federal politics, federalism, international organisations, NGOs, human rights
Medicine Marketing authorisation of pharmaceuticals, dentistry, implantology, orthopeadics, psychiatry & psychotherapy, pharmaceutical research, health insurance
Law Law enforcement, copyright, labour law, depositions
Culture and Society Music, architecture, urban planning, gaming
Economy Works councils, trade unions, contact centres, payment systems
Development Cooperation Africa, peacekeeping, free trade, regional organisations, reconstruction, women’s rights, corporate social responsibility
Education and Social Affairs Learning & vocational training, educational research, social security, famers’ social security
Environment Renewable energies, species protection, agricultural politics, water supply, conservation of bees and insects, glyphosate

Medicine Anaesthesia, intensive-care and emergency medicine, orthopeadics, food and dietary supplements
Dentistry Implantology, endodontics, laser dentistry, orthodontics
Industry and Technology E-mobility, fuel cells, hybrid, combustion engines, on-board electronics, car body manufacture and vehicle dynamics, facilities engineering, parts cleaning and deburring
Art and Culture Theatre, philosophy, ethnology, vernissages
Law Depositions, labour law, arbitration and dispute settlement procedures, internal interrogations
IT AI, social media, digitalisation, software development, localisation

You will find a detailed list of our specialisations on the respective team pages of the d-interp members. If you are interested in a list of digital online conferences we interpreted in different settings, then click here.